April 1, 2023

More than 450 nationally contracted professors face suspension and disciplinary commissions for refusing to pass scores and keep them on the Masar platform.

A significant number of contract professors, senior officials of the regional academies of education and training professions, received warnings and suspensions from work, while others were called to the disciplinary councils to make decisions regarding them.

A number of leaders claim the loss of these Sharia disciplinary councils, given that the position of professor is a “probationary professor” who has not completed professional qualifications, as well as this category does not have representation on the disciplinary council, since elections for executive committees did not take place as provided for by the charter framework for academies.

According to what Hespress was able to learn from a number of professors assigned to disciplinary councils, the hierarchy is not observed either through the administrative ladder, through the secure mail, or through the judicial commissioner, not to mention the failure to comply with the 48-hour period between the date of warning and the date of arrest .

It is noteworthy that in the last statement of the aforementioned agreement on February 19, a suspension of the action on non-issuance of points was announced, however, later, those concerned were surprised by the arrests and disciplinary councils.

A source at the Contracting Professors Coordinating Committee told Hespress that a number of teachers have decided to individually resort to the administrative judiciary to challenge the decisions of the disciplinary boards, showing that the coordinating committee has not taken any official collective position on the matter. .

These disciplinary boards often decide to remove a professor from office and thus deprive him of his salary for a specified period, with any other decisions, such as dismissal from work, being excluded, which was previously done with professors with degrees in 2012 after their dismissal. after a long period of strikes and against them, a deduction of 15 days of wages and seniority was deducted.

It appears that the academies have ruled out making tough decisions on striking professors to avoid exacerbating the educational situation with more strikes, not to mention the difficulty of compensating teachers if a decision is made to fire a certain group of them.

The Ministry of National Education is keen to avoid any congestion in the sector in order to avoid its impact on the functioning of the assessment system in the second Asdad, which is not in favor of either side, according to a source from the National Coordinating Council Teachers of the regional academies of education and advanced training.

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