December 5, 2022

The controversy surrounding bullfighting in France will resume next Thursday as it coincides with scrutiny of a bill submitted by a parliamentarian to criminalize bullfighting, which its supporters consider part of “French culture”.

MP Aymeric Caron, who belongs to the Père de France party led by the leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon, is according to the French magazine (L’Obs) an animal rights activist and began his political career by founding the Ecological Revolution for the Living party. .

The “Papa of Lacorides”, Simon Casas, one of France’s most famous organizers of bullfighting festivals, criticized Caron MP as a supporter of a “dogmatic” discourse describing bullfighters as sadists.

And “Caron” mentions the provisions of French criminal law regarding the punishment of “those who harm animals, 5 years in prison with a fine of 75,000 euros”, wondering how it is allowed to kill more than a thousand bulls every year.

According to statistics published by a French magazine, “81 percent of French people support a ban on bullfighting,” while France’s agriculture minister, Marc Wiesno, believes that it is “one of the French cultural traditions and should be preserved regardless of position.” on topic.”

This is the position of the government that Casillas considered, taking into account the “red lines that cannot be crossed, including bullfighting”, believing that “voting for the bill is political suicide.”

While supporters of the continuation of bullfighting are mobilized, opponents plan to organize demonstrations in 45 cities in the coming days, which will culminate in a podium in front of parliament in defense of a bill to abolish bullfighting competitions.

Several cities in France are famous for bullfighting, including Dax, Béziers, Dax-Och and Bayonne.

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