April 1, 2023
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Rashid BejikenSunday, January 29, 2023 – 03:32

In the past few days, the Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Jalawi Center for Research and Islamic Studies organized its tenth international symposium on the theme: “The phenomenon of homosexuality: reading and foresight, diagnosis and treatment” under the auspices of its president, Princess Sarah. Bint Abdul Mohsen bin Jalawi Al Saud.

The symposium re-discussed the “homosexual phenomenon”, during which the participants approached the phenomenon from many angles, characterized by “boldness in sentences, boldness in presentation, objectivity in opinion and impartiality in position”.

According to the communiqué issued at the end of the international symposium, the topic “allowed to organize a network discussion of ideas and visions, which culminated in the need for constant reminders of the need to create a religious, ethical, legal, legal, human and family rights system that is compatible with common sense and opposes the phenomenon of homosexuality in all its manifestations, forms and practices. This is in addition to “the obligation to describe homosexuality and related images, forms and actions in such a way as to show the ugliness of this phenomenon and its danger to a normal person and his moral system, and not to get confused with vague and misleading concepts (for example, homosexuality), in addition to aiming to show the incoherence of the delusional relationship “Between Homosexuality and Genes”.

The discussion, which brought together researchers and academics from around the world, also concluded that there is a need to “permanently work to educate countries, societies, families, individuals and scientific groups about the seriousness of the phenomenon of homosexuality, dismantling it, and using it to identify methods of normalizers, its defenders and contributors to the deviation of human instinct.

In the same context, the symposium proposed to “encourage professors, researchers and graduate students to confront this heinous phenomenon through research and research through interdisciplinary research; Not to mention the need to provide medical, psychological, moral, social and religious assistance to people recovering and repenting of acts of homosexuality and not poisoning them.

And according to a report available to Hespress, the most important recommendation of this tenth international symposium remains the call for the formation of a “National Human Alliance” that “will bring together all those who reject and resist homosexuality; It does not depend on their religions, beliefs, sects, sects, races and intellectual, political, social and economic backgrounds.

It should be noted that this international cultural event witnessed the presentation of awards to researchers at the symposium. The first place went to Dr. Noura Saleh Al-Soyyan (Saudi Arabia) for her research “The Phenomenon of Homosexuality and Claims of Its Link to Genes”. , a critical analytical study of literature”, while Dr. Munir Beruk (Morocco) for his study entitled “Homosexuality and Transgression in French Critical Theory”, and Dr. Ahmed Tib (Algeria) took third place for his study under titled “Scientific Justification of Homosexuality, A Study of Evidence and Paradoxes”; From the same country (Algeria), Dr. Jamila Belaude was ranked fourth for her study titled “homosexuality in the balance of normal instinct”. As for the fifth place, it went to Dr. Bahia Sahli (Morocco) for a study entitled “homosexuality between the prohibition of Sharia and the right to personal freedom, legal and human approach.”

International Homosexuality Symposium on Individual Freedoms

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