February 1, 2023

The Municipal Investment Forum (Foras) on its first day, which began today, witnessed the presence of sub-level participants, including regional trustees, investors and those interested in municipal affairs, due to its overlap with the Real Estate of the Future Forum. which are two forums organized by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and some of them even had forum posts!

A number of observers called on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to participate in and listen to municipal investment proposals and mechanisms, instead of holding exhibitions that showcase achievements without removing the obstacles faced by the investor and finding solutions that make it more attractive. municipal investment – a stimulating environment for investment and a partner in the economic movement.

The Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing announced the issuance of such a permit to approve the municipal investment portal “Foras” as a single national portal for offering real estate investment opportunities with government agencies under the name “Investment Portal in Saudi Arabia”. Cities – Foras”, in addition to cooperation and integration with Invest in Platform, Saudi Arabia, noting that today Foras is launched as a national platform.


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