March 25, 2023

A recent photo has sparked criticism of Tunisian President Qais Al-Saeed and accusations of trying to erase the map of the Maghreb, which includes the entire territory of Morocco, in connection with his fabrication of the crisis with Morocco by abandoning the neutrality that Tunisia has always adhered to in the Moroccan Sahara issue. and his reception of the leader of the Polisario Separatist Front.

Abdel-Wahab El-Khani, head of the Glory Party and a Tunisian diplomat, asked: “Why does the official in charge of presidential awards in the Office of the President of the Republic persistently distort and insult good taste, history and geography, destroying part of our Great Arab Maghreb (half-sister Morocco and all sister Mauritania) and triggering new diplomatic crises by placing a fleeting image of the President of the Republic in front of a map of our Maghreb in an antique painting that presides over the founding president of the Republic, the immortal leader Habib Bourguiba, who currently holds the presidency of the Republic.

The diplomatic crisis between Tunisia and Morocco has entered a new turning point after Rabat pulled out of a seminar organized by Tunisia in protest against the participation of a delegation from the separatist Polisario Front.

Morocco has decided to withdraw from the international climate justice camp forum held in Tunisia in protest of the presence of the Polisario, with the separatist front reporting that “a delegation from the Sahara involved in the activities of the climate justice camp organized in Tunisia from 25 to On September 29, presented a seminar on “Climate Change Under Occupation: The Green Stream of Occupation in Western Sahara”.

Last month, Qais Syed unexpectedly hosted separatist Ibrahim Ghali for an Afro-Japanese summit, which angered Morocco and led to a decision to boycott the summit.

Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita recently confirmed that Morocco has not changed its position regarding the reception of Tunisian President Cais Said to the leader of the separatist Polisario Front, calling Said’s actions “serious and unacceptable.”

In statements to reporters, Burita said: “Morocco’s position on the serious and unacceptable reception by the head of the Tunisian state of the leader of the separatist militia has not changed.”

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