June 8, 2023

Zlatko Dalic, coach of the Croatian national football team, said that his team’s match to determine the third and fourth places in the “World Cup” against Morocco will be different from the first match, which brought the two sides together in the group stage.

Dalic added during statements on the Croatian Football Association’s official website that his team is determined to take third place in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The Croatian captain confirmed that the Moroccan national team is not an easy team, saying in response: “Morocco was the surprise of the World Cup as it did not feature great teams (Belgium, Spain and Portugal) and we can only respect that. ”

Dalic noted that the Moroccan national team is not easy, stressing that Croatia is waiting for a strong match against Morocco.

For his part, Andrej Kramarić, Croatian national team player, said that his team’s goal is clear – to take third place in the World Cup.

Andrei stressed that the Moroccan national team surprised and dazzled the world with their performance, stressing that Croatia knew the strength of the Lions from the first match between the two teams.

The Croatian player indicated that his national team’s match against Morocco was not a friendly, adding that everyone was looking forward to third place in the World Cup.

And Kramarić continued by saying: “The Moroccan national team is strong defensively and they have a homogeneous team similar to the 1998 Croatian national team.”

In conclusion, the Croatian player said: “The strength of the match lies in the desire of the Moroccans to take third place, and we know it.”

It should be noted that the Moroccan national football team will meet with their Croatian counterpart next Saturday, starting at 4 pm Moroccan time, on the territory of the Khalifa International Stadium as part of the ranking match for third place.

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