April 1, 2023

Photo: Yassin Ait Al Sheikh

Bensalem Himmich, the former Minister of Culture, said that the state of culture in Morocco is linked to the ministers and those in charge of it, showing that there are ministers who have taken charge of the Ministry of Culture and have had some influence, and some of them have done nothing at all. left.

The former minister in Abbas El-Fassi’s government emphasized in his speech on the sidelines of a scientific symposium organized by the Masar Association in Al Bayda on the topic: “The need for cultural renewal, why and how?” Yesterday, Saturday, this culture today in Morocco became “Toto”, warning of a regression line that heralds its demise.

In order to restore the health of Moroccan culture, Himmish emphasized the need for an “uprising” and the latter should come from men and women who believe in their message and carry it out to the fullest, because in the field of culture we can never be dependent or complacent, emphasizing the importance of those who carry out the revolution.

Hamish, a writer and academic, said that among the ministers he took responsibility for the Ministry of Culture and his academic level does not exceed “Back + one”, emphasizing that he does not claim that Malis exists, saying: “This matter is recognized as an interested party “. Benhamish spoke about the stations from the history of the Ministry of Culture and those who took responsibility for it.

Hamish also spoke about his ministry’s exciting stations, his cultural projects and proposals that were thwarted in Morocco, chief among them the draft call he started when he was Minister of Culture “for the erection of statues.” in the cities of Morocco,” to which the late Sheikh Abdel-Bari Al-Zamzami replied. he had with the late Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Muhammad Sayyid at-Tantawi, when he asked him about the permissibility of erecting statues, showing that Tantawi answered him that as long as “the statues did not worship anyone but God, and if established, then it is allowed.”

Bensalem Himmish explained at the Al-Masar Association symposium that he left the plan to the Ministry of Culture as input, but the problem, according to a former government official, is that there is no continuity in the Ministry of Culture, considering the results of the Ministry of Culture, which he led for two and a half years, and what he managed to do, and at the forefront of this is updating the website of the ministry, creating a law on the National Museum Fund and resuming construction work at the National Museum of Modern Art (Mohammed VI Museum), then at the National Institute of Music and Choreography after a gap of many years, showing that when he was appointed Minister of Culture, he found the institute in a state of lockdown, which prompted King Mohammed VI to contact him twice to speed up the pace of his reforms.

Himmisch reiterated that a well-informed intellectual is one who is able to criticize the vices of elections, corruption, bribing people, etc., and he is the one who will do it first and will be extradited only to them. .

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