June 8, 2023
Yesterday, Tuesday, the National Cybersecurity Guidance Center warned of vulnerabilities in some Apple products. According to the center, the vulnerabilities allow an attacker to use them to expose sensitive information, introduce high-level malware, and block services.

He stressed the need to update affected products through the Apple website.

Earlier, tech sites reported that the American company Apple is preparing to update the operating system for iPhone phones (iOS 16.3) to fix a number of problems.

According to the specialized technical site “GSM Arena”, the new update will remove the horizontal lines that temporarily appear on the phone screen, as well as fix the lock screen and its tool.

The second-generation iPhone update will support new HomePod technology and physical security keys.

This horizontal lines issue appears on some iPhone 14 Pro Max devices when waking up or rebooting the phone.

The update will also fix a bug that causes the wallpaper on the lock screen to appear black from time to time, in addition to the issue of Siri not responding properly to music requests.

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