November 30, 2022
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Hespress – Youssef JacobiTuesday, November 22, 2022 – 02:05 PM

The electronic newspaper Hespress has learned that the death toll in the fatal traffic accident that occurred today, Tuesday, has officially risen to 12 people who died as a result of the rollover of a public bus carrying passengers on the highway connecting Fez and Taza; Exactly one kilometer from the center of the rural commune “Bab Merzouga”.

An official local government source in Bab Merzouga said in a statement to Hespress that “eleven people died immediately after the accident at the scene, and there was another person who died after being taken to the district hospital in Taza.”

The wounded were transferred to the Ibn Baja Regional Hospital in the city of Taza, while a number of people with serious or very serious injuries were transferred to the Hassan II University Hospital Center in Fes.

A source who spoke to Hespress also confirmed that a search was launched on behalf of the Royal Gendarmerie under the supervision of the competent prosecutor’s office to ascertain the circumstances and circumstances of the aforementioned traffic accident. region.”

In this regard, well-informed local sources from the city of Taza confirmed to the Hespress newspaper that “the result is still preliminary and is expected to increase in the coming hours.”

And local authorities in the Tazinsky district previously reported that, according to preliminary data, 11 people died and 43 were injured as a result of an accident recorded today, Tuesday, when a bus with passengers overturned on a highway about 6 kilometers from the western entrance to the city of Taza.

Upon learning of the incident, the local authorities and the interests of the Royal Gendarmerie and Civil Protection moved to his place to take the necessary measures, as the victims were transferred to the district hospital in Taza for the necessary first aid.

Taza’s bus overturned in an accident

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