June 2, 2023

There are MEPs investigating the use of the Pegasus system to spy on some members of the Spanish government, puzzled by the allegations made against Morocco, admitting “it’s not clear who was spying.”

This happened at a press conference held today, Tuesday, by two members of the European Parliament committee, Jeroen Liniers and Sophie Entfield, two days after they held various meetings in Spain, some with some members of the Catalan independence movement who accuse the Spanish authorities spy on them.

The Committee noted, according to the Spanish media, in its preliminary findings the lack of information and transparency in this case on the part of the Spanish authorities. She urged her to reform the Official Secrets Act and the structure governing the CNI.

Members of the European Parliament complained that they could not meet with Spanish government ministers, in particular President Pedro Sanchez, although they did meet with Minister of State for European Affairs Pascual Navarre.

And MEPs continue to wonder why there are only 18 cases of spying on the Catalan independence movement with judicial authorization and 47 cases of “no response.”

Regarding Morocco, MEPs questioned whether Morocco used the Pegasus to spy on ministers from the Spanish government, while at the same time saying that “it is not clear who was spying on members of the government, including the prime minister himself and ministers of defense and internal affairs.

They noted the “refusal” of some interviewees to comment further on this issue, although the Committee considers that this issue requires further study.

And earlier this week, the Investigative Committee of the European Parliament was dissolved in Madrid, Spain, to investigate the Pegasus program.

Last November, the European Parliament released an interim report stating that at least four countries in the European Union were using spyware “illegally”, namely Spain, Hungary, Poland and Greece, calling for “stop using” the technology.

The Moroccan government has denied accusations of spying on the phones of public and foreign figures using an Israeli program, and Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita called on those who accuse Morocco of espionage to provide physical evidence.

Pegasus is considered to be one of the most dangerous and sophisticated spyware and it specifically targets smart devices running the Apple iOS operating system, but there is a version for Android devices that is slightly different from the iOS version.

Pegasus infects iPhone and Android devices to provide undetected access to messages, photos and email, record calls and control microphones and cameras.

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