June 8, 2023

As much as we believe that modern football is based on plans, tactics, analysis of results and an astute understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, so we see, in our assessment, that modern football is subject to other conditions and calculations, which are sometimes the driving force for excellence. good suffering and the overthrow of opponents and competitors, no matter how great they may be.

In this context, we completely point the compass to the national voter Walid Regraga, who entered the history of world football through his wide door after he managed to form a national team in which he participated in what was dispersed in other Arab, African and even European teams that are consecutively subject to exclusion.

Walid Regragui gave the Moroccan national team what he called “intention”, which together means “spontaneity”, “spontaneity”, “belief in victory”, “challenge”, “struggle”, “readiness”, “readiness” and ” confidence” and “discipline”, “ethics”, “commitment”, “character”, “team spirit” and “dream”, even if it seems difficult, if not impossible.

With this recipe, Regraga managed to build his football future as a national structure that has achieved several achievements and successes in a short football life, the last of which was the victory in the African Champions League and the shield of the national professional championship with Wydad Casablanca.

And this “intention” paved the way for Walid to lead the Moroccan national football team at the biggest football wedding in the world, and he managed, with his spontaneity and sense of communication, to turn “intention” into faith, for a generation of young people who only lacked “ Intention” that they spewed “positive energy”, the details of which are “trust in God”, “confidence in strength”, “struggle” to defend the color of the motherland, “amazing ability to resist rivals” and “big dream to win the world title” .

“Regraka’s Intention” violated the rules and norms of world football, and showed the world that even medium and small peoples and nations have the right to dream of the World Cup if they prepared the technique, and deviated unconditionally, towards the “intention” that explodes “positive energy which makes small dreams very “possible”.

“Walid Al-Rakraki” kept almost the same constants as the “only Bosnian team” but managed in a short time to convey the philosophy of “intention” among the lions who “bullied” Croatia’s international weight teams. , Belgium, Canada and Spain, paving the way to reach the quarter-finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, so that Morocco will be an extraordinary ambassador for Arab and African teams, and a bearer of hope for Arab peoples from the ocean to the Persian Gulf in the Arab World Cup…

What “Walid and Validato” did at the Arab World Cup in Qatar, in terms of high patriotic spirit and determination to win and take on the challenge, not only happened, a shift in the global football system after the lions began to speak to major international newspapers and channels , but rather confirmed beyond any doubt. Today, Morocco is in dire need of a “philosophy of intent” that can only be understood in the light of the practices of “trust”, “competence”, “courage”, “persistence”, “true patriotism” and “challenging the spirit of the motherland and its most important issues”. individuals and groups can win the development bets we expect in the “economy”, “education”, “health”, “work”, “housing” and other sectors.

The Moroccan masses who took to the streets to celebrate the victory of Al-Aswad, led by the leader of the nation and the first athlete, King Mohammed VI, and the Moroccan masses, who expressed a sense of joy, pride and pride around the world, means that the Moroccans as inside , and abroad, everyone shares the love for the country, no matter how much they differ. This wonderful love is an intangible capital that requires the immunization of the country from absurd practices and stakes on real national competencies that can create a challenge in the “Morocco Challenge” .

Having lost to the Spanish giants at the final price, the Lions will once again face a historic date as they prepare to face the Portugal national team in the quarter-finals, in a historic match where we remember Morocco’s historic victory over Portugal. at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico City, and the Moroccan team, which put Croatia in an awkward position – Reached the semi-finals at the expense of Brazil – Belgium and Spain, he has the ability and courage that make him overthrow Cristiano’s comrades, and reserve a place in the golden square , for the first time in the history of Arab and African football, and it is not difficult and not expensive for the Arab Atlantic lions who wrote and write the glory of the ball to Moroccan and Arab players in the stadiums of Qatar, with the delivery of Al-Nayat, led by Walid “Maul Al- Nayat” … and with the intention that “the dream of a world championship” remains possible … very possible..


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