June 2, 2023

It appears that the flames of the fire of the constant rise in fuel prices have not escaped the impact of sensitive utilities in the economic capital, according to informed sources in the Casablanca city council, since the latter was unable to pump money to support fuel in favor of the ALSA company in charge of management of the Urban transport sector by bus.

Al Yum 24 sources explained that the issue caused consistent financial hardship for the company due to its inability to pay workers’ wages and its delay in payment, which nearly disrupted bus services after employees decided to protest. and go on strike before they back down due to the consequences.

According to the same report, Nabila Rmeili, the mayor of the city of Casablanca, was quick to put out the fuse of this crisis after she promised to donate the company’s fuel subsidies, asking the company’s management to avoid anything that could interfere with the normal functioning of the public transport fleet, hoping to resolve this crisis, from which it is now suffering. ALSA is on the eve of the continued rise in fuel prices and the lack of government intervention to limit its consequences.

The burden of the new crisis is added to the financial costs incurred by the community of Casablanca as a result of its contribution to the elimination of the deficit in the operation of bus lines, amounting to 12 million dirhams.

The Al Bayda City Council has announced its desire to restore revenue in line with the current situation it is experiencing while respecting the principles of fairness and balance, and has decided to increase operating expenses by 11.6 percent in 2023.

It also decided to increase spending on equipment for 2023 by 15.9 percent as part of the intensification of the procedures provided in the periodicals of the Minister of the Interior aimed at the quality preparation of the budget for 2023, with an emphasis on the mandatory implementation of mandatory expenditures.

It is noteworthy that since November 1, 2019, ALSA has been responsible for managing the urban transport sector through buses in the geographical area of ​​the Cooperation Foundation between the 18 territorial communes of Greater Casablanca.

The services of the new company are the result of the signing of an authorized management agreement between the White Groups Cooperation Foundation, the Moroccan company Alza, the Alza group’s transportation subsidiary SA, and AlsaGrupo. for a period of 10 years, renewable for another five years.

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