February 1, 2023
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Abdelkarim Harvash of NadorMonday, January 23, 2023 – 02:15

The council of the Bani Vakil Ouled Emhand community in the Nador region donated a number of school transport buses to the associations responsible for managing the sector in the community.

This happened during a ceremony hosted by the Community Council in the presence of President Ahmed Al Mahmoudi, Bani Buweihi leadership representative, Council members, community representatives, leaders, staff and leaders of school transport associations within the community. .

The new buses will operate in various outlying areas of the Bani Vakil Avlad Emhand community and transport more than 1,200 students to nearby educational institutions.

“The new buses will end the suffering of many students who travel long distances to enter their institutions, especially in difficult weather conditions,” said Ahmad al-Mahmoudi, head of the Bani Wakil Awlad Amhand group.

He added that “the provision of transport will save a large group of students from dropping out of school and allow them to continue their studies in good conditions”, praising the efforts made by the runners’ associations and their commitment to their tasks.

Nador, a school transport built by an agent of Amhand’s sons.

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