March 25, 2023

Dozens of families of detainees and detainees in Syria and Iraq decided to resume correspondence with King Mohammed VI demanding the return of their children from the hotbeds of tension, after the release of Ibrahim Saadoun, who was sentenced to death in Russia.

According to the National Coordinating Committee of Families Trapped and Detained in Syria and Iraq, “Moroccan families are asking His Majesty King Mohammed VI to intervene to save their sons and daughters and hundreds of Moroccan children from the hell of detention and camps in Syria. and Iraq, like the young Moroccan Ibrahim Saadoun, and bring them back to their homeland.”

The coordination said that videos were recorded showing Moroccan families asking the king to release their relatives and hasten their deportation. Muhammad Al-Karnawi, national coordinator for the families of those stranded and detained in Syria, said: “We are following the return of the Moroccan Ibrahim Saadoun to his homeland and thank the king of the country, who sought to track his case and the mediation of Saudi Arabia in the return of this young man to his homeland.”

Al-Qarnawi added in a video broadcast by coordination: “There are Moroccan youth, children and women in Syria, of which there are about 800 people, among whom there are detainees.

He continued: “These young people have fallen into the ISIS trap. In 2012, fatwas published in the international media called on youth to fight against the Syrian regime.

He continued: “A young man, Saadoun, took up arms in the state of Ukraine, but he returned to Morocco and was not tried, but we want our sons to be tried, but most importantly, that they return to their homeland; Today we do not know their fate, are they alive or dead or what?”

The interior minister told a parliamentary intelligence mission that 1,659 Moroccan jihadists have left Morocco to join various terrorist movements in the Syrian-Iraqi region, including 290 women and 628 minors, and 345 fighters have returned.

Moroccan security data shows that there are currently 250 detained fighters in the same region (232 in Syria, 12 in Iraq and 6 in Turkey), as well as 138 women, including 134 in camps guarded by Kurdish forces, as well as about 400 minors. , of which only 153 have been confirmed. They grow in Morocco.

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