June 8, 2023

One parliamentarian reported that social media sites and platforms have been used as a tool to promote products presented by exhibitors as having a healing effect or working to change organs or parts of the body, especially for women who buy these products of unknown origin and ingredients or seek services which are presented and in which materials and tools are used without prior scientific or technical knowledge of them.

Hanan Atkin, MP for the Authenticity and Modernity Party in the House of Representatives, warned that exhibitors are insisting on giving them their phone numbers and other means of communication, and it comes down to them to promote “videos” that show their customers in situations . , some of which are of concern and affect privacy, in order to further promote and convince the existence of a positive impact as a result of the consumption of the materials they provide or the services they offer.

In a question addressed to the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Atrkin indicated that these materials have not been subject to any technical review to confirm their effectiveness, nor have they ever been subject to a prior license confirming their components, uses and volumes. consumption, which in many cases exposes citizens, men and women in general, to serious health risks, including congenital malformations.

The MP confirmed that the consumption of these materials is encouraged by the tolerance shown by the relevant authorities in relation to this issue, which creates an atmosphere of trust and normalization in the consumption of relevant materials and services.

And based on the data that the parliamentarian revealed, the latter asked the Minister of Health and Social Protection Khaled Ayta Taleb about the measures that the ministry intends to take to limit the growth of this phenomenon, which poses a great danger to the health and physical safety of citizens.

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