June 4, 2023

The Government Council at a meeting yesterday, Thursday, approved a bill on the creation of territorial health collections.

The project that Hespress sees is aimed at overcoming the various constraints and obstacles that currently hinder the offer of treatment, and at downloading the foundations for reforming the national health system in the part that is related to management.

The memorandum on the presentation of the project states that, despite the achievements that have been made in the healthcare system, there are many shortcomings that hinder the achievement of the desired results, especially the imbalance in the provision of medical products at the territorial level. the level, the weakness of the health services provided and the lack of oversight of health workers due to the lack of synergy of human resources between institutions.

In accordance with the same project, a territorial health group will be established in each of the regions of the Kingdom, which is a public institution with legal personality and financial independence, and is subject to financial control by the state applied to public institutions.

The health care group includes all public health care facilities under its territorial jurisdiction, with the exception of health care facilities subject to special laws or regulations, military hospitals and collective health posts.

The project also defined the tasks assigned to the territorial health groups within their territorial coverage, especially the implementation of state health policy, with the division of tasks assigned to each group into six main areas: the area of ​​treatment supply, the public health area, the area of ​​treatment, the area teaching and research area, as well as experience and innovation, as well as the administrative area.

The Group is managed by a Board of Directors and a CEO.

On the other hand, the bill included a special section for group users.

In this regard, the project provided that “the users of the group consist of: employees recruited under the basic system of users of the group, employees and employees transferred to the group, and employees of the group, and the group can seek the help of experts hired with them to perform certain tasks within a given period.

Under this project, assigned staff and interns working in decentralized departments of the Ministry of Health in charge of the territorial jurisdiction of the group will be automatically transferred to the corresponding group, and contract staff working in university hospital centers and decentralized departments linked to the ministry in charge of health , will be automatically transferred to the group.

The project also provided for the consolidation of transferred users into a group in accordance with the charter of its users.

In addition, the project stipulated that the administrative board of the group should have all the powers and competencies necessary to manage the group, and also endowed the group manager with many powers, mainly represented in: implementing decisions of the board of directors, preparing projects for presentation to the board of directors, preparing an annual plan the work of the group and the regional health map, as well as the organizational structure and charter for users and the annual report on the activities of the group.

The manager also represents the group before public, public or private administrations and before third parties, takes every precaution and represents the group in the judiciary and brings all claims aimed at protecting the interests of the group, notifying the chairman of the board immediately of this.


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