April 1, 2023

Tensions persist in the Tindouf camps over the deteriorating humanitarian situation of the detainees, prompting the Saharawi people to organize several escalating protests against the POLISARIO leaders over the past two days.

Saharawi families have protested the precarious security conditions in the camps, which lack the most basic conditions for a decent life, questioning the fate of the food aid they do not receive because it is sold by Polisario leaders in African markets. .

Mustafa Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, a former Sahrawi activist of the Frente POLISARIO, said in this regard that “the inhabitants of the camps were exposed by another lie on the part of their leadership in connection with the appearance of Gali at the appointment ceremony of the leadership of the front, where the process of rotating chairs was between the class whose faces they were tired of seeing, And he made them and touched them, for almost half a century, with false hopes and promises.”

Ould Sidi Mouloud added in a statement to Hespress that “at a time when the population had hopes, after the hard work that accompanied the process of preparing the last frontline conference, and the sharp and harsh criticism directed at all levels of leadership in this and the accompanying images of clashes and arrogance between his people. Each throws reasons for failure at the other, so they renew themselves in new costumes and addresses and return to dominating their lives and suffocating like before.

And he added: “This is the background to the explosive situation in the camps in recent days, where the psyche has become tense and irritated due to the accumulation of failures in all aspects of life and the neglect of the body (population) in exchange for an excess of power that has become decrepit, helpless and directionless.”

And he continued by saying: “Corruption has spread in this leadership, and disease has gnawed at its bones, and it is trying to impose itself and its powerful laws on the people with its one-sided, totalitarian system, which is updated every period at Gaddafi-style conferences. which have been repeated since the mid-seventies of the last century with the blessing of the incubation state and the silence of international organizations.

He explained that “the problem of the camps today is the accumulation of crises, which are divided between mass unemployment, especially after the announcement of their alleged return to war, the restriction of all commercial activities and the movement outside the camps to force men and youth to be drafted into the army. the war of Gali, which takes their lives from time to time.

And he continued: “The second crisis is associated with poor service in all aspects of life, including health, education and water supply, and the third is associated with the uncertainty of the future and the lack of a clear vision of a way out of the current situation. asylum stalemate for many years”, highlighting that “the problem with the camps is lying about the ‘state’ they live in and what they represent in the country”.

An internal affairs expert told the Polisario that “the inhabitants of the camps are governed by a totalitarian and failed political system that fails to provide for basic needs” in which they multiply their wealth.

“The system of government recognized by the African Union achieves for them the goals of prestige and leadership by the red carpets laid out for Ghali during his visits to those limited countries that still recognize his regime, and by the comfortable chairs they occupy among the African officials that are sold to the population of the camps as a dedication to the state of the leadership of Polisario. The African Union and all who support this leadership are partners and collaborators in continuing the plight of the Saharan camps,” adds Ould Sidi Mouloud. .

The former Sahrawi activist of the Polisario Front also recorded the aggravation of the conflict between “the thieves’ leadership over the division of booty and benefits from their continued power and control of the camp system, and indignantly added fuel to the fire to burn in the hearts of the population to achieve their narrow goals and objectives” , emphasizing that “this situation is a candidate.” The strengthening of absolute rule and the politics of the iron fist provide the necessary control to continue the project.

He concluded: “The solution is for the international community to take responsibility for the inhabitants of the desert camps, so that they are freed from the clutches of the Polisario and Algeria and given the opportunity to decide their fate and restore their normal life in a way that achieves their dignity and ensures their future”, pointing out that “the African Union must break with the politics of hypocrisy with which it deals with the state of the camps”.

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