June 4, 2023

Dr. Abdallah Boussouf, secretary general of the Council of the Moroccan Community Living Abroad, said that Walid Rekraki, coach of the Morocco national football team, repeating the phrase “dispel the intention” means, in his opinion, “undermining confidence” in young people and qualifications, considering this an invitation to the need to get rid of the superiority complex. Another and self-confidence in the struggle of all sports or other battles.

Boussouf added in an article obtained by Hespress that the Moroccan achievement at the “World Cup Qatar 2022” is another testament to the maturity of the Moroccan experience and that it was time to start collecting some results and the first one was from the Doha Al Arab stadiums in Qatar calling for the need to take advantage of this rich atmosphere, with victory, determination and defiance, even after the end of this global event.

This is the text of the article:

If we don’t win the cup… we have won the hearts of the world…

We cannot hide our bitterness; Although the loss of the Lions to France in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup Qatar is a loss to the world champion in the 2018 World Cup of Russia, as we have come so close to changing the outcome of the match more than once. .

On the other hand, the outcome of this meeting cannot spoil the euphoria of the moments of great enthusiasm and militancy of the Atlas Lions and the club game, despite the troubles and fatigue. This is what makes us all respect a young team with global ambitions, which has made itself respected by the oldest teams and the most capable coaches and local specialists, and has come out of the fight for the cup with its head held high to the applause of millions. from around the world.

And since chance is a condition, no sane person can call the achievement of the Moroccan team at the “World Cup in Qatar 2022” a coincidence or luck. Because by repeating such descriptions that some cheap platforms try in vain to sell, we are in good faith insulting the serious and painstaking work that has lasted for decades, and its pace has increased since the establishment of the Mohammed VI Football Academy, and the level of the national championship has moved forward and its teams have won the continental championships and international competitions…

And there is a clear ignorance of the Moroccan personality and affection of the inhabitants of this country, even from abroad, and their superstitious willingness to contribute to all development programs, including preferring to play for the Moroccan national team over the national teams of the country of residence … There is also a blatant ignorance of history Moroccan state, going back into the depths of history….

What we see today is the close interaction and global sympathy for the Moroccan team and encouraging them to go far in this final because it was an example of courage and challenge for all these peoples and countries, and that “Yes, we can ”, Yes, we can .. but in the presence of working conditions and perseverance, because it’s not a picnic. Summer …

And far from any emotional tickling or agreeing with some of the readings, which tended to play on a chord of emotions and link the results of sports meetings to a historical or political context… Moroccan national voter Walid Regragui kept repeating the phrase “Directorate”. intention” and I understood from my narrow angle of his words that he meant “Be confident” in your youth and your qualifications, and the need to get rid of the superiority complex of the other and self-confidence in the conduct of all sports or other battles .. as I understand it, they were aimed at spreading positive energy, whether it be within the team or among fans in stadiums or at home….

I think the Moroccan achievement in Qatar is another indication of the maturity of the Moroccan experience and that it’s time to start collecting some results. The first one was at the Doha Al Arab stadiums in Qatar and it is necessary to take advantage of this atmosphere of victory, determination and challenge, even after the end of the World Cup in Qatar.

I also believe that this is a defining moment at the level of world media interest in Morocco and at the level of “electronic search engines” on the sports, political, historical and cultural history of Morocco. This could pave the way for greater opportunities at the level of tourism or investment… And we have, in Spain, after the 1982 World Cup, the best evidence of the need to tap into all this global heat and interest in Morocco. …

In contrast to the rejection of testimony linking the Moroccan achievement to chance, good omen and great luck, we are inspired by the testimony of the Moroccan presence at the World Cup in Qatar, such as the appearance of flowers among the rocks and the eruption of water sources among the desert sands and all that they carry in messages of resilience, challenge and perseverance.

It is true that we did not win the cup … But we won the world and we stood on the strength of Morocco in uniting the Arab, Islamic and African world … History will proudly tell when the world was silent and stood in solidarity comforting Morocco in its collective pain with the death of “baby Ryan” in the well, or when the world took to the streets and squares in the cold autumn of 2022, rejoicing in Morocco’s achievement at the World Cup in Qatar …

I saw one of the Mashraqi brothers weep for joy at the achievement of Al-Aswad, asking: Who are you… Who are you…? We answer it simply: we are Moroccans and we are proud of the new image of Morocco today, its youth at the World Cup in Qatar, its women and men in the stands, cafes, squares and homes. family members, their warmth and solidarity, on and off the field…

Whether we win the cup or not, Morocco has confirmed the saying that more than one waterfall splits a rock; Rather, it is a repeated repetition of the process of falling … So, the victory is the result of serious work over decades and the passage of dozens of Moroccan and foreign managers, in addition to the experience of managers and players from Moroccans around the world … Therefore, we are not inclined to describe the Moroccan achievement as “ amazing”; Rather, it is one of the fruits of the maturity of the Moroccan experience…

Thank you to the Lions of Atlas for their militancy and positive energy.. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to creating collective joy in the streets of Morocco and in the international arenas.. Morocco is coming; Because the impossible is not Moroccan…


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