February 1, 2023

In connection with the decision to boycott the educational groups occupying the first Al-Assad’s continuous observation posts, the educational unions took to the line and declared their support for the coordinating decisions.
In this regard, the regional branch of the National University of Teachers, which is part of the National Union of Labor of Morocco, in the Fes-Meknes region, in a statement released on Thursday, expressed its support for all decisions by the coordinating units, including boycotting the process of retaining points in the system Masar.
He held the regional office accountable to the government and the ministry of care due to their lack of engagement with the demands of the protesting educational structures, and announced the abandonment of all administrative measures taken against those associated with these groups.
The syndicate called on the ministry to honor its commitments, close all pending cases and end the series of tensions that are encroaching on education.
In the relevant context, the National Directorate of the National University of Education has declared its support for the protests of educators, including the boycott of Misk Nukat, and its mobilization in the Masar app under pain of not taking any “retaliatory” measures. against the protesters.
Protests by groups associated with educational coordinators relate to the Out-of-World Coordination, the Contractor Coordination, the Dungeon 10 Coordination, and the 1985/2003 Coordination of the Two Charters, in addition to the Coordination. professors who have become victims of a job freeze.

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