June 2, 2023

The Authenticity and Modernity party has decided to permanently expel its deputy Muhammad al-Jumani from the Samara constituency, a source in the Politburo said.

The party justifies its decision to expel al-Jumani by the fact that he impedes the organization of the party and freezes the process of restructuring its branches at the local and regional levels.

In addition, this party has decided to freeze the membership of each Member of Parliament from Moulay Yacoub constituency Hassan Belmokadem, Arab Parliamentary Councilor Harami (State Region) and Parliamentary Councilor Mohamed Meknif from the Eastern District.

The reasons for freezing the membership of these people, as a rule, are related to their complete absence from parliamentary meetings, as in the case of MP Belmokaddam, or their absence from the meetings of the party team in parliament, as in the case of McNiff. , or failure to fulfill financial obligations in favor of a party or collective, as in the case of Harami, among other reasons.

On Thursday, the Politburo said in a statement that it had expelled four parliamentarians but did not name them.

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