April 1, 2023

French club Paris Saint-Germain have officially announced the end of the season of Brazilian star Neymar da Silva and his absence for a period of 3 to 4 months due to injury.

In an official statement, Paris Saint-Germain spoke about the development of Neymar’s condition, stating: “Neymar Jr has suffered several bouts of instability in his right ankle in recent years.”

The statement added: “Following his last sprain on February 20, the Paris Saint-Germain medical staff recommended that he undergo ligament repair surgery to avoid the risk of a recurrence of the injury, and all the experts consulted confirmed this need.”

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He continued, “This surgery will be performed in the coming days at Aspetar Hospital in Doha and she is expected to return to group training 3-4 months late.”

With this absence, Neymar’s season at Paris Saint-Germain is officially over, which means a painful blow to the Paris side this season.

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