June 8, 2023

The Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, the Royal Moroccan Football Federation and Royal Air Maroc have launched an exceptional new travel program following the national football team’s historic 2022 World Cup quarter-final run in Qatar to fly Atlas Lions fans to Doha to support “Rekraki” battalion during another confrontation on Saturday, December 10.

A message received by Hespress states that “the ticket will be offered, as well as the exceptional flight programs that were developed in the first stage and the final price stage of the 2022 World Cup, at a fixed price of AED 5,000 round-trip, including fees for economic class that cannot be changed or returned.”

The same source added that “the national air carrier will schedule seven exceptional flights departing from the economic capital on December 10 and 11 and seven return flights on December 11.” All these flights will be operated by the national company on large-capacity aircraft with a capacity of 274 to 340 seats per aircraft.

Regarding the exceptional flight schedule, the outbound flights from Casablanca on 9 and 10 December included “Flight 76AT 22, departing on 9 December at 7:00 a.m. and arriving in Doha at 4:20 a.m. later.” noon” and “Flight 74AT 22, which will depart on December 9 at ten o’clock in the evening forty minutes, arriving in Doha at eight o’clock in the morning of the next day.

The flights also cover “Flight 362AT 2, which departs on December 10 at twelve o’clock in the evening and forty minutes, and arrives in Doha at ten in the morning”, and “Flight 2366AT, which will depart on December 10 at one in the morning and forty minutes, and will arrive at Doha at one in the morning.” Eleven in the morning”, and “Flight 236 AT, which will take off on December 10”. at two in the morning and forty minutes and arrive in Doha at twelve in the morning”, and “Flight 2364 AT, which will depart on December 10 at three forty in the morning”. minutes. and arrive in Doha at 1 pm.

As for the return flights from Doha on December 11, the program mentioned “flight 75AT 22, which will depart at two in the morning and arrive in Casablanca at eight in the morning in twenty minutes.” “Flight 63AT 23, which will take off at two in the morning and arrive in Casablanca at eight in the morning and twenty minutes,” and “Flight 73AT 22, which will take off at three in the morning and five minutes and arrive in Casablanca at nine in the morning and twenty-five minutes.

The program also included “Flight 67AT 23, which will depart at five in the morning and arrive in Casablanca at eleven in the morning and twenty minutes”, and “Flight 61AT 23, which will depart at six in the morning and arrive in Casablanca at twelve in the morning and twenty minutes.” And “Flight 65AT 23, which will depart at seven in the morning and arrive in Casablanca at one and twenty minutes in the afternoon”, and “Flight 77AT 22, which will depart at ten in the evening and fifteen minutes and arrive in Casablanca at four hours, five hours and thirty minutes next morning.

The announcement indicated that these tickets will go on sale starting tomorrow Thursday at 9:00 am through Royal Air Maroc commercial agencies and the national company’s website www.royalairmaroc.com.

Notably, presenting a Haya card is required upon boarding, and tickets for customers without a valid Haya card will be canceled without the possibility of a refund, according to the same source.


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