February 1, 2023

Officials in the city of Casablanca have begun to feel their heads, fearful of the royal wrath that could fall on them from the centers of responsibility, coinciding with King Mohammed VI’s upcoming visit to the economic capital in the coming days, after an absence of more than two years.

Al-Bayda authorities have begun a series of reforms ahead of the royal visit, especially around the ring road linking Rabat and Al-Bayda, and on some of the city’s main streets, according to people familiar with the matter. Fix what can be fixed, especially since the city has recently experienced an unprecedented stumbling block in the implementation of projects, leaving huge obstacles to traffic and big traffic jams, especially during peak hours.

It is also expected, according to Al Youm 24 sources, that the upcoming royal visit over the next few days will accelerate the pace of reopening of several royal projects that were started many years ago, including the Bolshoi Theater and other important and necessary facilities in the city.

According to our information, it was the royal visit that was expected on Monday, but it was postponed to a later time, and its dates have not yet been determined.

And King Mohammed VI was surprised in his opening speech to parliament nine years ago, namely in 2013: “But why does this city, which is the richest city in Morocco, not know the tangible progress that oval-shaped men and women look like? forward like many other cities?” Is it possible that white remains a space of great controversy, to the point of making it one of the weakest models in territorial government?

He said that “Casablanca is a city of glaring social inequality” where the rich and the poor coexist. It is a city of high towers and slums. It is a center of money, business, misery, unemployment, etc., as well as waste and dirt, which pollute its whiteness and cast a shadow on its reputation.

In the same speech, the king emphasized that “the reasons are many and interrelated. Apart from the poor effectiveness of the intervention of some regional and regional departments in various ministerial sectors, one of the most important reasons is the management method adopted by the elected councils that consistently govern them, fruitless conflicts between their constituents and multiplicity of tasks”, its members and dual responsibility, despite the presence of some elected officials who enjoy competence, benevolence and jealousy for their city.

Notably, there has been a tug-of-war in the Al Bayda City Council for some time after Saeed Ahmidush, Governor of the Al Bayda Settat region, declined to indicate Mayor Nabilah Armili’s first budget, due to imbalances that affected the preparation of the budget. which led to the resignation of the Director General of the Casablanca Community Departments and the Mayor was forced to appoint an interim Director General until a new General Manager can be appointed and an extraordinary session is held to amend the budget lines.

It is noteworthy that yesterday the oblast akim made a note in the oblast budget, and the decision to approve the budget of the city kenesh has not yet been issued.

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