February 8, 2023

Nureddin Lazrak, head of the Scientific Committee of the Forum of Researchers under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, confirmed that the Finance Law for 2023 was drafted with a number of issues in mind.

Lazrak, who spoke yesterday, Monday, at a symposium held at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences in Muhammadiyah, stressed that the Finance Law for 2023 was prepared under a very large banner that includes many priorities; In addition, social protection, supporting the group of programs that were listed earlier, supporting investments and focusing on digitization as a lever to support local investments, as well as social justice by reducing disagreements between parties, and then confrontation and tracking. events in the international arena.

An expert on public financial systems pointed out that this law faces the main limitations that are presented in the international economic situation and in what is associated with the Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as geo-economic disagreements, whether that is what is happening between the main countries.

The same representative explained that the international situation has led to a defect at the level of the supply chain, which leads to higher prices. The thing that poses major risks to a financial decision is the risk of inflation.

And the head of the scientific committee of the forum of researchers at the Ministry of Economics and Finance recorded that “the law on finance for this year was found under another compulsion presented” by the continuation of the consequences of Covid 19, as the health crisis has been dealt with; However, its effects are still ongoing, especially given that the state is making great efforts to ensure a minimum level of succession, be it families or businesses.

The same expert stressed that the attempt to counter the effects of Covid 19 has put a lot of pressure on the state budget. This led to a problem at the level of public debt in full, and the rates associated with social protection.

Lazrak stressed that the effects of the post-medical pandemic impose a difficult arbitrage on any money manager, as they are required to boost the economy, develop, create jobs, support vulnerable groups and cut costs.

Lazrak added that among the constraints faced by the financial legislator is tax resistance in a categorical, implicit or declared form, relating to the refusal of lawyers, doctors and others to make deductions from the source, as opposed to the existence of several requirements for expenses.

For his part, Jawad Lasri, a professor of public finance at the Hassan II University of Casablanca, believes that the Finance Law for 2023 is withholding tax par excellence law because it includes requirements that do not address the issue. income from real estate, as well as attorneys’ fees and others that are subject to withholding from the source.

In his speech, Lasri explained that with respect to real estate income, the Finance Law created a payment system by forfeiture at source, which means that “this tax is paid from source as an additional procedure, which means that the property owner pays tax automatically or is subject to forfeiture at the source.”

The university professor confirmed that the option to choose between automatic clearance and confiscation at the source is no longer possible, as entry is now subject to prior reservation at the source.

Having fixed the delay of the tax administration with the release of a periodical with an explanation of these requirements, Professor Lasri confirmed the absence of a clear position on the part of the legislator on this type of taxation.

And the university professor added that this issue affected the legal security and caused distrust in the tax legislation in Morocco.

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