April 1, 2023

Organized house Press Tangier Meeting open, Discuss in that SubjectBlog family between Constants and variables, marking Today Global for woman, With the participation of Lubna Al-Dawa, Deputy Crown Prosecutor, Head of the Division for Women and Children Victims of Violence, Tangier Family Court, and Souad Al-Shantuf, Coordinator of the Commission for Equality, Equal Opportunities and Gender in Tangier.

In addition to Wafaa bin Abdelkader, president of the Karam Women’s Development Association, and Ahmed Al Wajdi, professor of higher education and head of the Scientific Council of the Fahs Anjar region, and Issam Benalal, member of the magistrate Club Morocco, as well as journalist Iman Agutan, member of the Executive Office of the Foundation “House print.”

The participants of this discussion, professors and experts who are interested in the problems of women and the family, whether at the level of professional and legal practice or in the public and social sphere, based on life experience, touched on the convergence of aspects of disagreements and differences in rights and rights. duties, from a legislative and judicial point of view, the content of the Family Code between text and reality..

And it was this Meeting, Also suitable confess role woman effective, gesticulate his progress from services V Society, And compacts International for blog family, gesticulate i highlighted it from Problems With year 2004, And How Enter correction on text discussion.

Participants recommended at the conclusion of this symposium Bnecessity amendment Blog family on Earth reality, ANDevents group from offers around review blog, and discussion pluralistic between Another competencies. With dump light Also on skyline Preparation note crystallization Vision inclusive repair Blog family and neutralize loopholes law What spoiled.

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