March 25, 2023

Next Monday, the justice and development parliamentary group in the House of Representatives will face a new test to vote on a normalization deal with Israel during the legislative session.

This concerns the bill that approves the agreement on economic and trade cooperation between Morocco and Israel, signed in Rabat on February 21, 2022, the text that was programmed in the legislative session on Monday after the session with oral questions.

The government submitted this draft to Parliament on July 21, 2022, and the Committee on Foreign Affairs, National Defense and Islamic Affairs approved it on November 9, 2022 by a majority of the members of the committee, and the representative of the Justice and Development parliamentary group in the committee opposed this. Will the parliamentary group vote for the project or will it be against it?
Notably, former Prime Minister Saad Eddin El Osmani, the former general secretary of the party, signed an agreement to normalize relations between Morocco and Israel in December 2020.

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