June 2, 2023

Today, Friday, gold prices in the Kingdom have dropped significantly compared to the prices recorded over the last period.

A 21-carat gram (the most common in the Kingdom) cost about (205.40) rials, compared to about (206.45) at the close yesterday, Thursday.

The price per gram of a 24-carat stone was about (234.74) rials, a 22-carat stone was about (215.18) rials, and an 18-carat stone was about (176.06) rials.

The price of a 21 carat (8 gram) gold pound was about (1971.83) rials, a 22 carat pound was about (2065.72) rials, and a 24 carat pound was about (2253.52) rials.

The price of a 5-gram gold bar is about (1220.65) rials, a 10-gram bar is about (2413.14) rials, and a 20-gram bar is about (4793.42) rials.

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