June 4, 2023

Today, Tuesday, the Fes Court of Appeal Financial Crime Chamber of First Instance adjourned the trial of Rashid Fayek, former president of the Awlad al-Tayeb group and MP for the southern district of Fes, a former regional coordinator. National Association of Independents and other defendants who are following him until the next date, 20 December.

The court was forced to adjourn the case of Al-Fayek and those with him due to a lawyers’ strike, as the court had to resume hearing arguments from the defendants’ defense before deciding to adjourn the hearing to 20 December.

It is worth noting that the dossier of Rashid al-Fayek and those with him exploded after the protests that erupted since last year in the Awlad al-Tayib group, located on the outskirts of Fez, which coincided with complaints from citizens received by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, including affected individuals and contractors, accuses the head of the group of extortion in exchange for allowing them to obtain water, electricity and building permits before the regional branch of the Judicial Police was tasked with investigating the case, which led to the prosecution of about 16 people on serious charges, related to building violations in the region, including the head of the group and his brother, who heads the Fez Employment Council, as well as a number of land deputies of the dynasty and government officials.

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