June 2, 2023

Court sentenced address Houses white, evening Today Wednesday, support sentence Elementary V right the president group past, provinces Khenifra And drop it from 6 years jail effective Afor me 5 years With come back funds received V report consul higher for accounts.

And she was view public May be I was in charge To the president group past, provinces Khenifra thinks participation V distraction, and waste funds General placed under hand employee public, And in events hashes real estate Without receive on permission, and sell spray Of which, and operation influence, and get benefit V institution, takes on himself Manage it And did Certificates administrative, Includes Chronicle No correct.

And she passed court V suit General with guilt All accused from Fine What proportions them, And the verdict from Fine What on Accused, Mohammed justice, parliamentarian and head group I passed b(5) years jail effective and good window appreciate it 60,000.00 dirhams, And in suit civil, branch V demand connected In Group dirt past, sentence on Accused by its performance she has quantity 4,000,000.00 dirhams.

And it’s worth it Signal To What judge Investigation V room crimes funds V court address V city The White house, deposited With March 2022 past parliamentarian previous, And the leader V party Union constitutional, Mohammed justice, jail Akasha. on background suspicion V his participation V problem corruption financial, during Period inauguration presidency group I passed.

And already What arrested items group National to the police judicial branch for the city Casablanca, one year later 2021, the president previous for a group dirt I passed Mohammed justice, in Khenifre Amen money advice advisers Race; And she took it To based on Research with him, performance for instructions outgoing on view public V court crimes funds V The White house, spend pick it up By force To headquarters court after his abstinence on meet Summons directed mechanism, meaning listen mechanism V framework investigation, Attention with crimes corruption financial, and administrative V municipality I passed during his presidency for a group.

And he ran Investigation, Also, V happening myself With number from advisers, and staff branches for a group.

And it was Administrator mentioned run membership advice advisers, after What It’s been completed Projection its membership in accordance with manage published on court constitutional V lace, after his dismissal from party court administrative V Meknes in accordance with manage judicial acquired force thing judge with this, and he judgment, What It’s been completed approve it from party court address administrative V lace, because of imbalance administrative, financial, What spoiled community... How He was member V university Property Moroccan for the ball sole.

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