February 1, 2023

Riad Mazour, Minister of Industry and Trade, said that eight batches of school bags failed to enter the Moroccan market because they did not meet the quality standards of imported bags.

In response to a written question, he added that since the resumption of the control process at the end of May 2022, the ministry has carried out 386 control operations at the import level.

Samples are taken from these bags and sent to laboratories accredited by the Ministry to test resistance to “handle decay, leakage, rupture of composite materials and breakage of assembled parts.”

The reason for the postponement of monitoring operations to May 30, 2022, the minister explained the economic conditions that arose as a result of the epidemiological situation that Morocco, like the rest of the world, experienced.

He explained that his ministry supports the local production of school bags, noting that the last three copies of the Queen’s One Million Wallet Initiative were 100 percent locally produced by 41 national companies operating in the field and producing 50,000 bags a day.

In July 2020, the Moroccan Standards Institute reportedly adopted the standard, which includes several features divided into 3 categories regarding reliability, practical performance, content security, and user convenience and security.

The minister’s response comes more than four months after Khaled Al-Satti and Lubna Alavi, members of the Council of Consultants of the National Union of Labor in Morocco, asked him about the controversy caused by a memorandum issued by the Customs Administration last May. definition of import standards for school bags.

The memo surprised experts who had previously imported school bags from China, leading to the seizure of their goods and the requirement to submit them to a laboratory for analysis before release.

The group of items “did not comply with the customs administration’s memorandum, which led to the removal of the bags and their entry into the national market, and thus their disappearance from the market.”

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