February 1, 2023
Photo: Hespress

Hespress – Jamal AzuudMonday, January 23, 2023 – 2:14 pm

Under the slogan “Solidarity Initiative to restore hope in sight”, the Friends of Fiji Foundation, in partnership with the Moroccan Solidarity Association and the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, and with the support of the Province of the Oriental Region, launched a free and extensive medical campaign for eye surgery, to remove “majesty”.

According to the organizer, this action aims to restore hope to patients suffering from visual impairment due to what is called “Al-Jalala” (white water) and to bring medical services closer to the inhabitants of the eastern region, as well as to provide an opportunity receive free and high-quality treatment thanks to a group of volunteer medical workers.

This campaign will cover all seven provinces of the eastern region, as it is due to start on February 3 in the provinces of Nador and Dries and end in the province of Oujda on March 19 next year.

About 1500 patients will benefit from the treatment services of this solidarity convoy and it will be preceded by an inventory of the beneficiaries and the necessary tests and examinations to avoid any complications during or after the operation. Patients undergoing surgery will also benefit from post-operative monitoring and tracking services.

Majesty East Side Medical Campaign

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