February 8, 2023

Boiling prevails among a group of journalists and technicians working in the self-employment system (freelance) within Channel 2, as they demand that the management of Dosem Suriad regulate their legal status, like the rest of their colleagues.

Freelance contract journalists are now asking the administration to resolve their situation as soon as possible, especially in light of the tax changes made by the 2023 Finance Act on self-service, according to Hespress sources. -contractor.

Hespress sources told Hespress that interested journalists and technicians are refusing to sign new contracts with the Dozim administration, considering it a shame and an injustice towards them, given that they have worked for this state institution for many years.

The same sources confirmed that these people are calling for a compromise and a response to their demands, in light of the trend towards the merger of Soriad Dozem and the National Television and Radio Company into one pole, according to the plan announced by the government through the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the reform of the administration to restructure public institutions and the contracting sector as part of the sectoral reform.

Hespress learned from union sources within the channel that the union’s office held a meeting on Tuesday where it discussed with journalists and technicians working in the Freelancing system about the impact of the Financial Law on them and the problems that could arise. will deepen their crisis with the entry into force of tax innovations.

As a result of the meeting, an investigative commission was created that will work on the claim case and defend its interests, especially in relation to employees working under systems other than an employment contract.

Our sources indicated that “freelance journalists” are in the process of establishing their own coordination within 2M in order to defend their demands and working conditions, as well as to keep abreast of all developments that concern them.

On the other hand, the channel’s official source, who declined to be named, confirmed that Dozim’s management takes into account the expectations of these journalists and employees and studies their situation, indicating that “the channel will not abandon them and leave them to face this situation.”

The same source said that the channel’s HR department had initiated a dialogue with stakeholders and that the most representative union had contacted them, stressing that the company’s management understood their demands.

The spokesman explained that journalists and employees working in the self-employment system expressed their harm to the tax requirements that are included in the Finance Law for this year, and said: “We are looking for solutions for this, our goal is not to harm users,” stressing that channels of dialogue are open to reach solutions.

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