June 2, 2023

In a football event that happens infrequently, Moroccans look forward to an international friendly match to be played tomorrow night, Saturday, at the Ibn Battuta International Stadium in Tangier, which will bring together the Moroccan national team with its “World Cup” and the one that was convened for the first time, with the team ranked second in the world, the most crowned in the World Cup.

Since the Moroccan Football League announced that it had reached an agreement with Neymar da Silva’s team to host this friendly match in Moroccan stadiums, reports, news and events related to the smallest details of this match have not stopped in the local and international media, which shows a wide interest in the international sports arena for the “Moroccan Summit”. The Brazilian performance of the Moroccan national team at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has generated widespread interest in the international sports arena.

In this context, The International News reported that the Brazil national team will claim the host status (Morocco national team) and its current football identity in tomorrow’s match, despite being the most successful national team. in the finals of the World History Championship.

The same newspaper described the match as “prestigious”, which will bring together a team that has changed a lot since leaving the quarter-finals at the last World Cup and is looking for a new identity, a new coach and opponent. which surely charts his clear path to shine after his arrival as the first African and Arab team to the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar.

In this context, the French news agency AFP considered that the Moroccan national team will face a real test when they host friendly Brazil, five-time world champions, recalling that this match will be the first in which the Brazilian national team will play on Moroccan soil.

She also recalled the history of the two teams’ rivalries, saying that the Atlas Lions waited until 1997 for their first encounter with Brazil, namely in Belém in an international friendly, where they presented themselves well before losing with two clean goals in the last ten minutes for the two teams to meet a year later, in the group stage of the 1998 World Cup in France, where the Brazilian team achieved an easy victory with three goals scored by Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Bebeto.

The day after the match, all eyes are on the names that will compete in this “football summit” as sports journalists’ speculation began hours before the two teams’ coaches announced their rosters.

And Spain’s EFE news agency said that the Brazilian national team is not yet 100 percent sure of the squad, stressing that Selecao’s interim coach Ramon Menezes checked at least 3 players during yesterday’s training to place them in the 9 position.

In the same context, Africa News reported: “While Moroccan coach Walid Regragui approaches the match with more confidence due to the presence of most recent world champions, Brazilian Menzies will have to go all out to field a competitive team at the Ibn Battuta Stadium.” “.

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