June 8, 2023

The Italian media have revealed some of the secrets that have prompted the Juventus club’s board of directors, led by Andre Agnelli, to step down completely in the final hours.


And the Calciomercato network revealed that the resignation of the Juventus administration is linked to a document regarding the latest updates regarding the ongoing investigations against the club, prepared by the Turin prosecutor’s office.

Turin prosecutors were also investigating the 4-month salary waived by Juventus players in 2020 following the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Investigators seek to prove that the players did not refuse the entire salary


The network indicated that the Juventus players did not receive a salary for only one month and continued to receive money thanks to special agreements with the club, contrary to the statement of Juventus.

Juventus suffer from so many irregularities in their financial statements, especially in relation to the falsification of wages. This prompted the club’s management to resign in order to avoid being punished by the club as a whole. However, the Italian Federation can request the results of the investigations from the State Attorney to examine the situation in order to find out the punishments that can be signed for Juventus

And the Italian club announced in a statement on its official website the suspension of the current board and the resignation of all its members, namely: Andrea Agnelli, club president, and his deputy Pavel Nedved, as well as: Maurizio Arrivabene. , Athletic Director, Lawrence Dibro, General Manager, and Massimo Della Radioni, Katherine Fink, Daniela Marilungo, Francesco Roncallo, Giorgio Taccia and Susan Heywood


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