April 1, 2023

A delegation of German businessmen arrived today, Wednesday, at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services in the Casablanca-Settat region to discuss ways of economic cooperation with their Moroccan counterparts.

During this meeting, the discussion focused on discussing cooperation, sharing knowledge and experience, as well as establishing a commercial partnership between German and Moroccan businessmen.

Silvio Konrad, head of the German delegation, stressed that the meeting is the embodiment of the long-standing relationship between the two countries since the fifties of the last century, noting that Morocco occupies an important place for the European Union and Germany in particular.

The German economic official noted that the meeting is taking place in light of the difficult circumstances that the world is now familiar with in terms of political and economic fluctuations, emphasizing the urgent desire to develop economic relations.

The same representative explained that this visit was aimed at deepening cooperation in the economic sphere between German and Moroccan businessmen, given the prospects of the Moroccan market.

For his part, Hassan Al-Barakani, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services, stressed the importance of the meeting to discuss ways to strengthen and strengthen economic cooperation between the Kingdom of Morocco and Germany.

The same representative noted that the meeting with German companies “will provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience and establish commercial partnerships, and why not achieve joint Moroccan-German investments in Morocco and the African continent.”

The President of the Chamber added that the meeting will allow German investors “to get acquainted with the economic values ​​and investment opportunities available to Morocco as an African country characterized by an important strategic position and leadership in many vital sectors; Among them are renewable energy sources, chemical fertilizers, agricultural products, the automotive industry and aircraft engines.

According to the data presented at this meeting, the economic relations between Morocco and Germany have developed significantly in recent years, and in 2022 the volume of trade exchange between the two countries will reach 3.1 billion euros.

The value of German exports to Morocco in 2022 was 2.2 billion euros, while the value of Moroccan exports to Germany in the same year was about 1 billion euros.

Morocco ranks second on the African continent in attracting German investment in a number of important sectors. Among them are the construction, pharmaceutical, automotive and logistics sectors.

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