June 8, 2023

Immediately after that, the Brazilian referee Rafael Klaus blew the final whistle of the match, in which the Moroccan national team met the Canadian team in the third round of the Qatar 2022 World Cup group stage, in which the Moroccan elite won with two goals. towards one goal, an atmosphere of all-consuming joy and exultation spread through the various streets, squares and quarters of the city of Fez.

The large masses of the scientific capital personified a special celebration in various public places and arenas, which included different age groups, children, youth, boys and girls, decorated with national flags and Moroccan team jerseys, chanting and chanting in honor of the historical and meritorious achievement of the national national team, as well as the desperation and militancy of the players throughout all stages of the match. Joy and joy prevailed in the hearts of the citizens throughout the match, in which the Moroccan team maintained its superiority as the encouragement continued and, with great encouragement and encouragement from the cubs of Walid Al Rakraki, snatched the passage to the next round.

Fans chanted slogans and slogans of victory in honor of this important historical achievement, which was achieved thanks to the seriousness and perseverance of the players and technical staff of the national team, their briskness on the field and high patriotism.

In this special festive atmosphere, male and female drivers in various streets and main squares of the city turned on the alarms for their cars and motorcycles to celebrate this historic and well-deserved victory. The atmosphere of the matches taking place in the World Cup stadiums themselves was heavily superimposed on the cafe spaces, which became semi-small stands through which thousands of fans watched an enthusiastic match in which the colors of red and green shone. The voices of the masses were loud in cafes, houses and other public and private places, cheering and singing on behalf of the Moroccan national team, its coach, players and technical staff.

Moments of psychological pressure, anxiety, tension, anger, joy, joy, applause and screams were experienced by Atlas Lions fans in various scientific and historical quarters of the city, presenting a living example of patriotism and raising the Moroccan flag at the international sports and football summit.

A number of citizens, in statements received by MAP and its news channel (M24), expressed their great and boundless joy at the historic victory that allowed the Moroccan team to advance to the next round, topping the second-placed group. The Croatian team also qualified, wishing Atlas Lions good luck in the tournament and the next match will be the final prize round.

These citizens praised the outstanding performance and high level that the national elements have kept quiet since the start of the World Cup final, as well as the tactical and technical maturity shown by the players during the three matches that became the draw for the first round of this global football. tournament.

And in terms of qualification, having taken first place in the sixth group with 7 points, ahead of the Croatian team, which placed second with 5 points, the national team will meet in the final price round of the World Cup with one of the two qualified teams from group E, which includes Spain, Germany, Japan and Costa Rica.


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