February 1, 2023

On Thursday, the government will discuss extending the health emergency for another month, according to its meeting’s agenda.

Although the government has relaxed the measures it has taken since March 2020 to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, it continues to extend the emergency health measures.

Last October, government spokesman Mustafa Paytas indicated that “the government is exploring the possibility of lifting the health emergency by the end of November.” Declaring that “the decision to lift the health emergency will be made at the end of November, after the epidemiological indicators have been constantly improving and our country has become immune to possible setbacks.”

However, the Ministry of Health warned at the beginning of November of a high level of virus prevalence, which returned to growth after a fourth intermittent period of 3 months, characterized by a very low spread of the virus.

Daily statistics on the number of cases of Covid-19 in Morocco since the beginning of January indicate weak numbers, averaging no more than 20 cases.

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