February 1, 2023

New disputes involving previously unknown areas prompted the government to amend the law regarding forensic experts.

The amendment, approved today, Thursday by the Government Council, will define the work of new forensic experts in the fields of renewable energy, nuclear radiation protection, diagnostics of vehicle numbers, vehicles and weapons, and linguistic analysis.

In addition to forensic experts in video and image analysis, fingerprint diagnostics, digital evidence analysis, weapons, ammunition and explosives.

The bill has been drafted, according to Mustafa Paytas, a government spokesman, at his press conference held after the end of the government council, “to keep pace with the technological and scientific development and the digital boom that is happening in Morocco. known over the past few years.

The bill aims to introduce a partial amendment to the law concerning forensic experts, opening up the possibility of registering a group of institutions and administrative structures in the lists of forensic experts in order to legalize the expertise they have received.

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