February 8, 2023

Today, Sunday, gold prices in the Kingdom rose compared to prices recorded in previous days.


The price of a gram of 21-carat gold reached 196.75 rials, $52.47, while 18-carat gold reached 168.64 rials, $44.97.

A gram of 24 carat gold cost 224.85 rials, $59.96, while a gram of 22 carat gold cost 206.12 rials, $54.96.


The price of the golden pound

The price of a 21 carat (8 grams) gold pound was about (1888.78) rials, a 22 carat pound was about (1978.72) rials, and a 24 carat pound was about (2158.61) rials.

The price of a 5-gram gold bar was about (1169.25) rials, a 10-gram bar was about (2311.51) rials, and a 20-gram bar was about (4591.54) rials.

A 50-gram bar cost about (11,400.14) rials, a 100-gram bar cost about (22,755.31) rials, and a 1-kilogram bar cost about (226,428.82) rials.


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