April 1, 2023
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Hespress from RabatMonday, March 13, 2023 – 00:14

In the media library of the Hassan II Mosque Foundation in Casablanca, on Saturday, March 12, a presentation of the poetic collection of the journalist and poetess Hafiza Al-Farsi “Helmet with a Half Head” took place.

The program of this ceremony, which was organized and hosted by the University of Moroccan Creators in collaboration with the Hassan II Mosque Foundation, included speeches by the critic and journalist Abdelaziz Kokas, the writer and journalist Saeed Muntasib, and the critic and journalist Mohamed Allaut. The poems of the mentioned Divan dwelled on the topics deeply touched upon by the poet. This was followed by the testimony of a famous woman about the circumstances of her participation in the field of poetic writing.

The audience in attendance, including media professionals, critics and all interested parties, also contributed to the court and his companion, the poet Hafiza Al-Farsi. Before the end of the ceremony, the hero of the day was presented with a gift from the association organizing the event dedicated to the celebration of International Women’s Day and International Poetry Day.

It is noteworthy that the poetess Hafiza Al-Farsi, who oversees the cultural page and cultural supplement of the Socialist Union newspaper, began writing poetry from an early stage of her literary life. However, she was reluctant for many years to publish her first book before giving in to the desire of many close associates and writers to have the book published as part of Moroccan House of Poetry publications in 2022.

Poetry of Hafiza Al-Farsi

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