March 28, 2023
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Hespress from RabatSaturday October 1, 2022 – 12:13 pm

The Director General of the National Security and Territorial Surveillance Service issued a suspended sentence for two police officers working in the city administration of the state of Rabat, and they are referred to the Disciplinary Board for a decision on alleged professional abuses.

Two cyclist police officers left the place assigned for their patrol late in the evening from 26 to 27 September, without notifying the Command and Coordination Center, which manages the work of police patrols on a public street, and also detained a woman. a road user in a place outside their area of ​​activity and they have not registered a traffic violation.

According to a source in law enforcement agencies, as a result of an administrative investigation conducted in this case, serious professional violations were recorded against two cyclist police officers with the ranks of police lieutenant colonel and police lieutenant colonel. This required them to be sentenced to temporary detention and referred to the Disciplinary Board.

The source added that the General Directorate of National Security is seeking, through these disciplinary and corrective measures, to establish a police community facility and to enshrine the principle of linking responsibility with accountability. With a final cut with all offenses and personal infractions that may affect the safety of citizens.

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