December 4, 2022
Photo: Hespress

Mustafa Al-Bakkar of TiznitMonday, November 7, 2022 – 01:17 AM

Biznit Regional Security District Judicial Police succeeded on Sunday evening in arresting a university student for his involvement in a case involving the possession of five machetes in order to hand them over to Agadir University District.

According to the Hespress newspaper, the arrest of the suspect, a member of the Tiouza group in the Sidi Ifni district, took place on public transport, as five machetes were tightly hidden in his bag, and it is likely that they were intended to be used in a possible confrontation between student groups. .

The same sources added that the arrested student, who is continuing his studies at the Ibn Zohra University in Agadir, was subjected to theoretical security measures in the interest of an investigation conducted under the supervision of the judicial police in order to determine the conditions for the transfer of the seized machetes and the arrest of other potential suspects in this case.

Student factions of Tiznit

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