June 4, 2023

The “hustle” of the session of oral questions in the House of Representatives ended the day before yesterday, on Monday, due to the lack of answers to pre-programmed questions, after the meeting of the heads of parliamentary groups ended with clarification of the situation and promises that this will not happen again in the future.

Yesterday at the session of oral questions, there was a big debate between “people’s deputies” after the departure of the “Progress and Socialism” team and sharp criticism from the head of the movement’s group, Idris Al-Sentisi, and the head of the parliamentary group of the Justice and Development Party, Abdullah Boano, for the lack of answers to questions.

The opposition, which joined the team of progress and socialism, did not like the option of leaving: some ministers refused to answer questions that were asked within the legal deadlines for certain sectors, and they were raised at the meeting to compensate for the absence of the interior minister. Abdel Wafi Laftit due to his commitment to royal inaugurations.

The meeting, which lasted about half an hour, according to Hespress sources, in which the majority leaders did not present ideas on the issue, but ended with an agreement and the return of the opposition to continue the session, which was interrupted by Speaker Zeina Healy.

Idris Al-Santesi, head of the dynamic group, said the PPS team had the right to criticize the lack of responses and asked all members to resume the session, emphasizing that “it is necessary not to repeat what happened, and not to withdraw from the meeting as a whole.”

Al-Sentisi confirmed in a statement to Hespress that “the confusion was due to the good intentions of Parliament Speaker Rashid Talbi Al-Alami as he programmed questions regarding other sectors, but the government asked to be informed before asking new questions, noting that he received the data within the time limits established by law (twenty days).”

As for the movement’s team, according to al-Santisi, the matter was handled flexibly, as “programmed issues for the domestic sector were transferred to the justice and higher education sectors, and the ministers responded in a coordinated manner.” On the other hand, the Progress and Socialism team clashed with the Minister of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, Gaita Mazur.

Rashid Hamuni, head of the Progress and Socialism group in parliament, said: “The majority and the opposition have overcome the situation after the meeting of the heads of the groups to agree not to repeat the same situation in the future.”

Hamuni added in a statement to Hespress that “Monday’s meeting was like a performance as the six sectors were unable to respond despite asking questions twenty days ago,” stressing that “some ministers do not want to answer MPs’ questions.” , even if the questions raised are included in the subject matter with valid questions.

The progressive leader warned that “it is unacceptable for the government to dictate to MPs any question they ask” and added: “Failure to answer raises the question of competence. Do ministers memorize answers and cannot make any statements outside of what is retained, even if it is related to a general question?


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