March 25, 2023

An informed source told Hespress that the subcommittee responsible for amending Bill 86.21, which deals with firearms and their parts, components and accessories, met last Monday in the presence of representatives from the Home Office.

A Hespress source indicated that there was an agreement between the committee and Interior Ministry representatives to unanimously pass the bill, adding that the committee would soon announce a vote on the bill in consultation with the Interior Ministry.

The same source indicated that the Ministry of Internal Affairs would make some formal amendments to the draft that did not affect the substance.

This project aims to circumvent the limitations of the national legislative system related to weapons in accordance with technological development, the types of these weapons and the ways they are used, and its inability to formalize all actions and facts related to the use of firearms; It regulates the import and export of firearms, their parts, accessories and ammunition, carried out by the organizers of tourist-hunting and shooting-sports associations, as well as data relating to their owners and seizure operations.

The provisions of this Law apply to sniper, small arms and sporting weapons of type (A) and type (B), hand pistols designed for conventional weapons, pneumatic weapons and weapons that give rise to sports competitions.

This project will create an electronic national registry called the National Firearms Registry.

Data relating to the operation of firearms, their parts, components, accessories and ammunition are entered into the National Firearms Registry, as the case may be, by administration, gun dealers, tourist snipers or sport shooting associations; With the definition of ways to limit this data in the regulatory text.

This draft regulates the ownership of Type (A) sniper and sporting firearms and airguns through the acquisition of a sniper and sporting firearms license, and links the acquisition of a handgun to the requirement for a defensive firearms license. It is required that the applicant be of legal age and that he be required to take out insurance to cover damage that may be caused to others as a result of the use of firearms and to cover civil liability, and that he be physically and mentally capable.

On the other hand, the bill opened up to a 16-year-old minor the ability to use a firearm restricted by a license to own a sniper, shooting and sporting weapon, which is transferred to his legal representative for the purpose of practicing shooting sports in the presence of his legal representative, who is responsible for the firearms used.

The bill requires a special permit to import firearms. In case of violation of this, punishment is provided in the form of imprisonment from 10 to 20 years and a fine; It also provides that any person who deals in firearms, their parts, accessories and ammunition without obtaining a license is liable to imprisonment for a term of 10 to 20 years, as well as imprisonment for a term of 5 to 10 years for any who enters the territory of the country or exports firearms, their parts, accessories and ammunition.

In addition to judicial police officers, officials of customs and indirect tax services, sworn representatives of water and forestry, working within their competence, the search for violations of the provisions of this law and the texts adopted for its implementation and verification is entrusted to agents of the administration, delegated and brought to oath for this purpose.

Sworn representatives of the administration have access to warehouses, places, information systems, vehicles and to all places where searches and checks for violations can be carried out.

The provisions of this Law shall not apply to the authorities in charge of national defense and security interests, which remain the subject of their internal procedures, and public servants who carry weapons in accordance with their ability or position.

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