March 25, 2023

The Center for Regenerative Medicine at the Mohammed VI University Hospital of Marrakech organized a first-of-its-kind science day on Friday to highlight the innovative treatments offered at the Mohammed VI University Hospital of Marrakesh, some of which are only provided nationally.

On this scientific day, Hassan Bennani, a Moroccan physician specializing in regenerative medicine in the United States of America, said: “This technology gives us the opportunity to treat a large number of patients who have lost hope of their recovery, because it relies on trying to correct a defect based on mechanisms of the human body itself.

Dr. Bennani added in a statement to Hespress that “this type of medicine is based on increasing the efficiency of the hormonal and immune system to repair cells in the fight against diseases and disorders that affect the person, through the implementation of artificial intelligence in the research and development necessary to select the appropriate treatment and improving the effectiveness of measures taken in this area”. This gives patients hope that they will live their lives in good health.”

He explained that “regenerative medicine, as a field of research related to the translation of tissue engineering and molecular biology to replace, engineer and regenerate human cells, tissues and organs to make them function naturally, aims to activate the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Thus, solving the problem of a shortage of organs available for donation and the problem of organ transplant refusal in a patient is no longer a dream, but a reality.”

For his part, Lahsen Bouhani, director of the Mohammed VI University Hospital, explained that “The Center for Regenerative Medicine in this hospital, as a unique center in Morocco due to its original design, which combines laboratory activities and therapeutic apheresis with the latest equipment, one of its The main tasks are the treatment of patients in need of apheresis sessions, as well as the collection and storage of hematopoietic stem cells from patients in need of transplantation.

Among the functions of this center, which is dedicated to innovation and research, are “providing Moroccan patients with a range of therapies, such as improving wound healing and degenerative diseases, adoptive immunotherapy for cancer patients, developing basic stem cell research and cell therapy, as well as advanced training and education in this area,” says the director of the hospital itself.

With regard to Al-Bukhani, the Center for Regenerative Medicine “will be a building block that includes a group of medical equipment and medical competencies that can provide advanced treatments, which will attract Moroccan structures living in the countries of the world and the Kingdom. Morocco to join forces within the framework of an infrastructure that provides treatment that meets international standards,” he stressed. The center is open to cooperation and partnership between the private and public sectors.

On this scientific day, two important aspects that are considered one of the tasks of the center were considered: regenerative medicine using mesenchymal stem cell therapy and adoptive cancer immunotherapy using extracorporeal photochemotherapy or photopheresis, and also focuses on the treatment of “CAR-T”, an innovative method anti-cancer therapy. Cancer treatment introduced for the first time in Morocco in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Lalla Salma Cancer Foundation, the Cancer Research Institute and the National Institute of Oncology.

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