March 28, 2023
Many people receive long WhatsApp messages and the recipient may want to read them without notifying the sender that they have received the message to avoid unwanted communication at the wrong time. And only Android users can use tricks to read these messages in ” in a secret way.

iPhone users can, of course, turn off read receipts in WhatsApp itself so that no one sees the two little blue checkmarks.

But it also means that you are not allowed to see when others are reading your messages.

The user must press and hold the home page on their phone.

After that, he will need to click on “Tools” and the main screen will display all the selected tools available.

At this point, he needs to find and drag the “WhatsApp” widget to the home screen and click “Done” when the widget is successfully moved to the home page. It can also make it full screen, making the message easier to read.

After this is completed, scroll down to read all the questions (the most recent one will be at the top).

But if he clicks on the same message, this useful trick will be useless.

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