June 8, 2023

On Friday, November 25, 2022, the President of the National Council for Human Rights, Amna Boyach, announced the launch of regional consultations with children under the slogan “I decide my fate”, during which the Council will listen to children’s concerns and proposals in each of the twelve regions of Morocco.
Buayach, who spoke at the opening of the National Meeting on the Rights of Children in Difficult Situations in Morocco (organized by the Hassan II Educational Complex for Youth in Casablanca in partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication), explained that the Council seeks to gather evidence, suggestions and recommendations from children to include them in the report of the Council In parallel with the report of the government on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which will be submitted in September 2023.

Buayach said that participation is a core principle within the core principles of the international child rights system and “a strategic goal that we seek to promote in order to institutionalize it.” more like a “working with children” approach, far from “taking advice from them without acting on their opinion.”

It should be noted that these consultations will start early next year and will last for six months (January-June 2023).

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