April 1, 2023

An actress who has played a prominent role in many television and cinematic dramas, she has been absent from the small screen in recent years to devote her time and talent to the big screen and film worlds that have fascinated her since the beginning of her career. because she gave a number of successful cinematic roles that enriched her artistic piggy bank.

In an interview with Hespress newspaper, Nisrin Al-Radi talks about her role in the latest film “Red Fish”, which is touring national and international festivals, the secrets that distinguish her from the world of cinema and other topics.

Tell us about your participation in the feature film “Red Fish”.

As for my role in Abdel Salam Al-Kalai’s Red Fish, it was a difficult and difficult role. When the director first called me to portray this character, I told him that it was impossible, since it would take a long time to make the work in his plausibility, but he gave me confidence that I could embody him; So, I started on the physical side, because the work of people with special needs is centered around the body, then I moved on to working with the human side of the personality and was able to combine them together to get the result presented in the tape.

How do you rate this new experience?

The experience was not easy at all, because you either master such roles or vice versa. This is the responsibility I have taken on to provide the best.

What is the secret of your difference in cinematic roles from others?

God bless. I see that the secret of this is in my choice and that I am strict at work and work with all “intention” and do not shirk and when I sign up for a job I do not add other works to my program until the end of the first commitment to work on it and take your time.

I see this as one of the secrets to the success of any actor. Work intensively and from the heart on any character, without wasting his strength on many roles in vain.

Don’t you think that you have become somewhat careless in the law of television?

No, I am not responsible for this. I now have a French series that will be shown on the Amazon platform. When we talk about TV, it’s not only Channels 1 and 2, but there are major international channels as well, and that’s something I’ve definitely worked on this year.

Thanks to your work outside of Morocco, what is the difference between working with a foreign team and a Moroccan team on set?

To be honest, there is no difference for me, because my work shot in Morocco is also at a high level, so I do not find a difference, whether it is work here or abroad.

At the wage level, they say there is a big difference, so what is your answer?

I can say that I have now reached a stage where my wages in foreign jobs are comparable to those of Moroccans, because the work that I take and work on for two years cannot be paid so little that it cannot satisfy my needs for it. all period. Here you can talk about the level of these works and know whether the circumstances will help, regardless of whether one character suits you or not.

Will we see you in the future in the work of Ramadan?

Work in Ramadan does not interest me, the main thing is that it is television. I’m just waiting for a good role, and many times I liked a group of roles that I was offered, but I did not have time for them because of my obsession with cinema, and I always prefer cinema to television.

What “blend” made Nisrin al-Radi the leader of the cinematic scene?

I was very resigned to myself, and from the very beginning I knew my orientation and that I wanted to do cinema. The basic education in the theater is any actor who performs it in institutions, so this stage must be passed before becoming a professional in this field. I have been working in theater and film from the very beginning, and television has become my gateway to the world of film professionalism.

The last word

I thank my fans and hope that we will always have a trusting relationship. He expects good things from me, and I, in turn, make great efforts to give him what is at the required level.

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