April 1, 2023

In response to the fiery statements of Abd al-Ilah ibn Kiran, secretary general of the Justice and Development Party, against Ahannoush’s government spokesman accusing him of “lying”, Mustafa Paytas, minister delegate to the prime minister responsible for relations with parliament, said: “A high-ranking national official, whom I respected greatly and who was responsible for leading the government, issued a fatwa against me for lying, accusing me of this, why was I wrong? the validity of the statements I made earlier, the first statement is that I said on March 23, 2022 that prices for tomatoes are in dirhams.

In this context, Paytas handed over a document showing the prices of tomatoes in the Inesgane market to reporters at a meeting organized by the Fakih Tetouan Foundation on Thursday evening and said that what he said was based on this document. I will dispute this. man until the Day of Resurrection, because he accused me of lying.”

And regarding the second statement, in which Paytas said that he “bought the meat for 75 dirhams,” he admitted that he had no evidence because it was a matter between him and the person from whom he bought the meat.” Referring to the remarks of Ibn Kiran.

The Secretary General of the Justice and Development Party said late last week: “There is almost unanimous opinion that government spokesman Mustafa Paytas is lying and exaggerating.”

At a meeting organized by his party in Fez, he urged Paytas to stop talking, pointing out that “he does not seek to offend this government official or remove his position as government spokesman, but what he says creates a problem of losing confidence in the government “. He again said that “society no longer trusts this government”, referring to Ahannouch, saying, “It is unreasonable for the citizens to almost unanimously agree that your spokesman is lying.”

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