June 2, 2023

Abd al-Ilah ibn Kiran, general secretary of the Justice and Development Party, resumed his statements after controversy stemming from criticism from the royal court, stating that “political work is not immune to all the risks involved in telling the truth.”

And he said in a speech he gave at a joint meeting of the committees of the National Council, yesterday, Sunday, but it was published on Monday, that his party “does not condemn the decision of the state for me to be exposed to them, and we do not say, that our master has no data, on the contrary, we have no data for me and the king…”.

And after he pointed out that what happened on the sidelines of the Royal Court communiqué, “he still needs some clarification from him,” said: “The king is obliged to have his data. Our lord.”

Then he continued: “When we were accused, we said no … These are not reasonable and not true cases, but until they are true, we say them, but they do not worry, they take us to court, interfere with the party or put us in jail, this is another necessity.

And he added, addressing the members of his party: “There is no l’assurance tous risques in political action, and it cannot protect you from the consequences, and it cannot easily climb to the top of the mountain.”

Ibn Kiran confirmed by saying, “If you don’t see anything, you will need to talk about it because it is our duty, otherwise why are we in the party!!? Have we set up a party other than always clap your hands? !!?, and say that everything is in order. God bless my master’s life.” He then added, “God bless the life of Sidi Meziane, but the need for me is reasonable and the need for me is unreasonable. Walking is smart and sometimes we don’t say it and we don’t have the courage to say it, but Avtani won’t be silent once. And my goal can have consequences and has a price, and I am aware of this”, noting that members of his party “know my circumstances, but I do not have a Mandir.

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